On the Historic Train


Country: Italy
Region: Campania
Location: On historic train and in the Castle of Montemiletto, Taurasi or Lapio

Wedding Location:

Castle and historic train

Type of marriage:
Civil, Catholic or Symbolic




Naples (100 km)

Offer available until:

September 2022
Participants: 10 to 50
Duration: 4 days

Take a journey through time aboard the historic train for the best day of your life!

Celebrate your wedding aboard the historic Avellino-Rocchetta Sant’Antonio train and in a medieval castle of your choice between Lapio, Taurasi and Montemiletto.

A unique experience thanks to a railway built in 1895 at the behest of the great Francesco De Sanctis, an important Italian writer and politician. A railway surrounded by greenery, which passes over the splendid Irpinia rivers and valleys with vineyards of great value.
Conclude your journey in one of the castles you will choose where a great ceremony and splendid reception awaits you. History, charm, emotion, happiness, are all the components that will accompany your most important day to make it unforgettable.
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Details package

Castle and historic train


• Reception in a country resort 3 x night accommodation for all 25 guests in rooms / apartments Breakfast, amenities, WiFi, Parking Use of gardens
• Welcome dinner Various appetizers with typical local products, two first courses of your choice and a second course with side dish, all accompanied by excellent local wines Open bar during the welcome dinner (wine, beer, soft drinks)


• Exclusive ceremony in the medieval Castle and on the historic train
• Floral arrangement of the location
• Bridal bouquet and boutonniere
• Banquet equipment, chairs, art de la table (glasses, cutlery and table setting)
• Table decoration by candlelight and flowers
• Wedding Planner and design
• Wedding menu (variety of menus of appetizers, first courses, main courses, fruit and desserts) and drinks during the wedding lunch (water, wine, sparkling wine, soft drinks)
• 2 hours open bar after dinner (1 bartender, flute of prosecco for the guests, drinks, personalized drink list, personalized drink ticket)
• Wedding cake
• Photoshoot*
• Video service*
• DJ set entertainment / live music
• Lighting equipment

Directions, Travel, & Accomodations


Experience in Irpinia

• Experience on a farm (tasting of local cheeses, milking of cows and cheese workshop)
• Experience in the cellar (tasting of fine local wines Taurasi DOCG, Greco di Tufo DOCG and Fiano di Avellino DOCG)
• Folk dances
• Local crafts and pottery workshops
• Pasta, bread and pizza workshop

• Visit of historic villages among the most beautiful in Italy
• Shopping for typical local products
• Horse riding, biking and trekking routes
• Post wedding dinner
• Various appetizers with typical local products, two first courses of your choice and a second course with side dish, all accompanied by excellent local wines



* The photo and video service is separate based on the customer’s needs:
various solutions and support will be proposed in the negotiation phase
* The Transfer will be present for the entire duration of the stay
* Do not hesitate to ask us for a quote for a different number of guests or days

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Stay for more than 4 days
and discover the many beauties
of Irpinia and Campania!


1 Gesualdo Experience

To the prince’s castle

1 day
€ 150/person

• Visit to the Gesualdo Castle

• Visit to the historic centre

• Tasting in a renowned winery

• Lunch and dinner based on typical local products

Let yourself be guided to the discovery of the surprising figure of Carlo Gesualdo, ancient lord of the municipality of Gesualdo in Irpinia, of whom we will tell you the extraordinary world fame as a fine composer, but also the darkest background starting from the killing of his wife, Maria D’Avalos, caught in flagrant betrayal and shot by the prince himself.

Come with us to discover the imposing Lombard castle where it is still possible to hear the ancient madrigals of Carlo Gesualdo, musical compositions for several voices made by the prince right between these imposing walls. Discover one of the most beautiful historic centres in the Irpinia area.

2 Goleto Experience

Mysticism, charm and timeless mystery

1 day
€ 140/person

• Visit to the Goleto Abbey

• Tasting in a renowned winery

• Lunch and dinner based on typical local products

Come with us and discover the Goleto Abbey in Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi: one of the symbols of Irpinia for beauty and magic. A place of boundless spiritual power, enclosed in a wonderful monastic complex. A true
monumental jewel, founded in 1133 by San Guglielmo da Vercelli, monk, abbot and now the patron saint of Irpinia, who fell madly in love with these lands so much that he stayed there. As happened for Guglielmo, here you will be captivated by the beauty of the colours, the exciting landscape and the soothing silence.
Live with us a fascinating journey between history and sacredness, discovering the sublime Goleto Abbey.

3 Rocca San Felice Experience

At the gates of hell

1 day
€ 160/person

• Visit to the historic centre

• Tour of a farm with Carmasciano cheese tastings

• Visit to Mefite

• Lunch and dinner based on typical local products

Experience with us the thrill of a suggestive journey in the heart of Irpinia: discover the wonderful village of Rocca San Felice with its Lombard tower, the incredible Mefite and the unique taste of its cheeses. Treat yourself to an unforgettable day in the ancient village of Lombard origin.
Here you will be captivated by the charm kept in its characteristic stone alleys, in its enchanting views, in its amazing legends and in its unmistakable style. Bulwark between the duchies of Benevento and Salerno, the small town still retains its charm of a medieval village. Taste with us local wines and cheeses such as the extraordinary Pecorino di Carmasciano, a limited and unique production in the world. Let yourself be guided to the gates of Hell, a magical place full of mysticism called Mefite where you will smell the unmistakable smell of sulphur.

4 Taurasi Experience

From the medieval castle to the taste of eternal wines

1 day
€ 170/person

• Visit to the Marchionale Castle

• Visit to the historic centre

• Tasting at the Caggiano Winery

• Lunch and dinner based on typical local products

Experience the magic of Taurasi, one of the most famous towns in Irpinia thanks to the famous Taurasi DOCG wine. A place crossed by the river Calore which, thanks to its flow, creates suggestive corners of vegetation that alternate with splendid vineyards. Taurasi, in fact, stands as a wine centre of primary importance for the region and associates its famous and award-winning wines with a typical cuisine, which makes artisan pasta, oil and local walnuts its strengths.

5 Calitri Experience

Mosaic of beauty, history and ancient flavors

1 day
€ 140/person

• Visit of the historic center

• Visit to the cheese maturing caves

• Visit to the Ceramics Museum

• Lunch and dinner based on typical local products

Discover with us the splendid Calitri, an idyllic village of colourful houses that looks like something straight out of a painting. We will lead you slowly along the characteristic stone streets of the historic centre, which cut the slope in every direction, making you immerse yourself in the suggestive Borgo Castello. From here you can enjoy splendid views, delicate scents and wonderful landscapes. The highest part of the town was in the past embellished by the presence of the Castle, which was destroyed in the earthquake of 1694: but from its ruins, like a phoenix, this splendid historic centre,
also appreciated in America, was reborn. Visit the splendid Museum of Ceramics: here, thanks to the ancient finds and modern artifacts, you will travel in the memory of this ancient art masterfully kept in the hands of the masters of Calitri.
Let yourself be surprised by the unique flavours and intoxicating aromas of Calitri’s cured meats and cheeses, kept in the charming aging caves, places with a rural and authentic atmosphere that preserve their goodness.

6 Zungoli Experience

Magic village: from the medieval castle to the cheese caves

1 day
€ 140/person

• Visit of the Castle and the historic centre

• Visit to the cheese maturing caves

• Lunch and dinner based on typical local products

Come with us to Zungoli, you will discover a small and wonderful jewel: we will accompany you to a borderland where you can take a splendid dive into the past, between history, taste and amazement. Give yourself a  tour with us in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and an orange flag, a prestigious award from the Italian Touring Club. Let us take you to the village perched on the small tuffaceous hill, on the border between Irpinia and Daunia and on the crucial path of the Regio Tratturo. Country with a delightful historic centre that extends between alleys, cobbled streets, portals and ancient stone stairways that lead to the majestic Susanna Castle. A journey to discover aging caves, traditions, medieval castles and typical local products.

7 Napoli Experience

Between history and folklore

1 day
€ 190/person

• Visit to the historic centre

• Spaccanapoli, Maschio Angioino and underground Naples tour
Shopping tour

• Best coffee in the world

• Lunch and dinner based on pizza, pasta and other local products

Come with us to discover Naples, one of the most beautiful places in the world: an eclectic city, characterized by a history that spans several centuries and different dominations. A place with a lively culture and rich in traditions. The emblem of the heart of Naples is Spaccanapoli, or the Lower Decumano, which constitutes the artery of cardi and decumani at the base of the city centre. Right in the centre, there is the Monastery of Santa Chiara, whose complex includes: the Majolica Cloister with its priceless frescoes, the Opera Museum, the Archaeological area and the eighteenth-century artistic nativity scene. The symbol of Naples is the famous Maschio Angioino, that is the historic medieval and Renaissance castle, located in the current Piazza Municipio, which is also home to the civic museum. Come and discover with us this city of infinite history and beauty.

8 Pompei Experience

Journey into archaeological beauty

1 day
€ 200/person

• Visit of the archaeological excavations

• Lunch and dinner based on typical local products

Come and discover ancient Pompeii with us: the main city that in 79 BC it was covered by lava and ashes following the eruption of Vesuvius. Excavations for the recovery of archaeological remains began as early as 1748 and today the Archaeological Park of Pompeii is one of the most visited sites in the world.
Thanks to the wealth of villas, taverns and small shops almost perfectly restored and accessible to visitors, it is possible to relive the grandeur of the city and the last moments before the eruption.

9 Costiera Amalfitana Experience

Tour of the magnificent coast

1 day
€ 240/person

• Tour of the Amalfi Coast

• Shopping tour

• Lunch and dinner based on typical local products

The Amalfi Coast contains several beautiful municipalities, all overlooking the sea. Among the most beautiful villages is Amalfi, which could be considered the Pearl of the Coast, thanks to its very lively historic centre and its majestic Cathedral. Vietri sul Mare, on the other hand, is known all over the world for its majolica characteristics, which colour all the shops not only in the town, but also in all the nearby towns.
Ravello, a town overlooking the sea, is instead famous for its sumptuous villas, including Villa Cimbrone, a very suggestive historic building surrounded by a splendid garden adorned with statues, fountains, caves and various types of antiquities.
The so-called “Terrace of the Infinite” offers a breath-taking view. Finally, Positano, one of the most representative images of the entire coast, with its centre made up of many coloured houses which, from above, descend towards the sea. You can’t miss this tour!

10 Certosa of Padula Experience

In the heart of the Diano Valley

1 day
€ 170/person

• Entrance and visit of the Certosa

• Visit of the village and the House-Museum of the anti-mafia policeman Joe Petrosino

• Lunch and dinner based on typical local products

Discover the wonderful Certosa di Padula: a former monastery, today one of the largest monumental complexes in southern Italy, a UNESCO heritage site and one of the largest in Europe. From Avellino it can be reached in 2.30 hours of travel. The construction, begun at the behest of Tommaso Sanseverino in 1306, lasted until the 1700s. From the atrium, dominated by the large Baroque facade, you pass to the stables, workshops, pharmacy and cellars. The church preserves the altars with refined polychrome scagliola decorations with mother-of-pearl inserts, the 16th - 18th century frescoes, the 18th century majolica floor, the carved and inlaid wooden choirs of the early 16th century. The spectacle of the large cloister, which began in the 1500s and ended at the end of the 1700s, is magnificent: it has two orders of arcades and 84 arches.
Along the portico there are the Carthusian quarters and at the end, in an octagonal tower, the spectacular elliptical staircase. The cloister, with its 15,000 square meters, is one of the largest in the world.


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